William F. (Bill) Bradley, a distinguished clay mineralogist, died while he was President of AIPEA. To honour his memory, the AIPEA General Assembly, during the VII International Clay Conference (1981), established an award in memory of this eminent scientist. The Award provides financial assistance to young scientists interested in attending International Clay Conferences.

The Bradley award will be presented during the 17th International Clay Conference, Istanbul, Turkey. The closing date for submission of manuscripts is 1st February 2022. All correspondence must be addressed by email to Dr. Reiner Dohrmann, President AIPEA, president[at] All AIPEA members are encouraged to circulate the regulations and the application form (download) among possible candidates.


  1. The objective of this award is to offer financial assistance to the recipient to enable him or her to participate in an International Clay Conference for the purpose of presenting his or her paper.
  2. Candidates must submit electronically (as a pdf file) a manuscript written in English on a topic relevant to one of the sessions at the Conference. The manuscript shall be written in a format acceptable for publication in an international journal. Eligible manuscripts may include those (1) not yet submitted for review, (2) currently under review or revision at the time of the application, or (3) published within the calendar year of the ICC at which the award will be presented.
  3. If the candidate is not the sole author of the paper, a statement from each of the co-authors is required, specifying the co-author’s contribution to the paper.
  4. The award will normally be made at four-yearly intervals and initially will not exceed $1000, although the value will be reviewed periodically. An award shall not be made if it is considered that candidates do not reach the required standards.
  5. Persons eligible for the award shall be under 35 years of age or within 5 years of completion of their PhD on the closing date for submission. No restriction is placed on the sex or nationality of the candidate or the nature of his or her employment. Potential candidates who have exceeded the age or 5-year limit due to family or other extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Every application must be supported by two members of AIPEA.
  6. The Bradley Award Selection Committee shall consist of the President of AIPEA and four members nominated by the Council. No author or co-author may be a member of the selection committee; if any member of the selection committee, including the AIPEA President, is a co-author, he/she must be recused and another member shall be nominated by Council in order to maintain an odd number of committee members.
  7. A suitably inscribed certificate will be presented to the successful candidate during a plenary session to be followed by the oral presentation of the winning paper. A portion of the prize may be sent to the successful candidate in advance in the form of a ticket enabling him or her to travel to the Conference.
  8. The form, along with the manuscript submission and all co-author statements, must be completed and returned electronically to arrive on or before the abstract submission deadline for the Conference.
  9. The Bradley Award will be presented during the International Clay Conference.
  10. No letter of recommendation of any kind will be considered–if comments are included, they will be disregarded.
  11. All correspondence shall be addressed to the President of AIPEA in electronic form.


Last update: 8th December 2022


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