Bradley Award Winners

2022: Denys Grekov (France): Adsorption of methane and carbon dioxide by water-saturated clay rocks. Applied Clay Science, 232, 106806.

2017: No awardee

2013: Ana C.S. Alcântara (Brazil, Spain): Polysaccharide–fibrous clay bionanocomposites. Applied Clay Science, 96, 2-8.

2009: Marek Szczerba (Poland): One dimensional structure of exfoliated polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites: A Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) case study. Applied Clay Science, 47, 235-241.

2005: Javiera Cervini-Silva (Mexico, USA): Hydration/Expansion and Cation Charge Compensation Modulate the Brønsted Basicity of Distorted Clay Water. Langmuir, 22, 2961–2965.

2001: No awardee

1997: Anne Galarneau (France): Acidic properties of a porous clay heterostructure: Proceedings of the 11th International Clay Conference, Ottawa, 1997, 21-29. See also: and

1993: Jean-Rémi Butruille (France, USA): Alumina pillared clays as alkylation catalysts. Proceedings of the 10th International Clay Conference, Adelaide, 1993, 92-101. See also:,, and

1989: Jos Cenens (Belgium): Quantitative absorption spectroscopy of cationic dyes on clays: Proceedings of the 9th International Clay Conference, Strasbourg, 1989. Vol I: Clay-organic interactions. Clay minerals in soils, 15-23.

1985: Carlos P. Herrero (Spain): Monte-Carlo simulation and calculation of electrostatic energies in the analysis of Si-Al distribution in micas. Proceedings of the 8th International Clay Conference, Denver, 1985, 24-30. See also:

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