The AIPEA Early Career Research Grants provide financial support in a form of seed-money to assist early-career researchers (post-doc, assistant professor or lecturer) of clay science and technology to explore a proof of concept or to fund areas of an ongoing project that were not included in the original project scope. It should allow then to support further applications to national or regional research funding bodies. The AIPEA awards 2 grants in a period of 4 years (from ICC to ICC).

> Applicants must be members of one of the affiliated societies to AIPEA. The list of societies can be found : https://aipea.org/affiliated-societies/
> Applicants must have secured their Ph.D. within the previous 5 years.
> Applicants can only benefit from an early career researcher grant on one occasion.

Individual grant requests may be up to 2500 EUR. Grant money may be used for the costs of travel by the grantee to conduct research, room and board associated with research-related field work, or for the costs of equipment, supplies, and analyses required to complete the research. Grant money may not be used for expenses incurred for travel to professional meetings to represent the results of this research. However, we strongly encourage grant recipients to present their research results at a future International Clay Conference, and to apply for a Travel Grant at that time if funding for travel expenses is needed.
Grant money may not be used for such expenses as the applicant’s salary costs, core funding or overheads for institutions, student tuition fees and summer research bursaries.

Application deadline for the XVII ICC: 28th February 2022 24h00 Brussels Time (CET, UTC+1).
After the deadline the submitted applications are evaluated and a final selection is made. Applicants are personally informed via email by the Office of the Treasurer as to the outcome of their application. The award comes with a certificate and a registration fee waiver for the following International Clay Conference.
Recipient Notification for the XVII ICC: before 30th June.

Research Grant applications are evaluated on a competitive basis and ranked considering the following criteria:
> qualifications, scientific and publication track record of the applicant;
> objectives of the research proposal;
> design of the research project (scientific quality, novelty and timeline, feasibility, cost effectiveness);
> relation to clay science.
Applicants will be selected by the ECCS Committee and approved by the AIPEA Council.

Each applicant must complete a Research Grant Application Form available on the AIPEA website. The Applications must be sent via email to president@aipea.org.
The application requires submission of a research proposal with budget, CV, and a signed letter of support from the researcher’s supervisor, line manager or Head of School (on a distinct page with official letterhead).

The grant will only be transferred to active members of affiliated societies to AIPEA after the receipt of the scientific report and a proof of expenses, within the year after the acceptance of the grant. The scientific report must be 3-4 pages (including figures) describing the results that were obtained with the grant. Where a publication is produced then this may be submitted in lieu of a report. The proof of expenses will be made in agreement with the financial details mentioned in the application and giving a clear overview of the costs (using a table), including documentation (pdf copies). In case of currency conversion to EUR, please add an appropriate exchange rate documentation (e.g. using https://www1.oanda.com/currency/converter/). The AIPEA should be acknowledged in all reports, presentations and publications produced as a result of the awarded grant. It is expected that any publications resulting from the sponsored research will be offered for consideration in one of the journals of the affiliated societies to AIPEA (such as Clay Minerals, Clays and Clay Minerals).
Submitting your grant request implies that you have read, and agree, with these terms.
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