To support students to travel to the 17th International Clay Conference (July 2021, Istanbul, Turkey), AIPEA will assign financial contributions. The rules are the following:

1. The student submits an abstract and his/her curriculum vitae
2. This submission is supported in writing by his/her supervisor
3. Both the student and the supervisor are members of AIPEA
4. The student is under 35 years of age.
5. The financial support can only be used to attend an International Clay Conference and its associated excursions, field trips and workshops.
6. Student can only apply for one International Conference
7. The amount of money can be up to $ 500 – per student.

All correspondence must be addressed by email to Dr. Reiner Dohrmann, President AIPEA (president[at]

The selection committee will consist of three members selected by the President.
The deadlines are as follows:
– submission of abstract + CV + letter of support: December 31, 2020
– notice of decisions: January 31, 2021.



The Student Best Speaker & Poster Awards was inaugurated in 2007 at the Euroclay conference in Aveiro, Portugal. It is sponsored by AIPEA and it is designated to encourage young clay scientists, who will receive a cash awards during the International Clay conferences and Euroclay conferences.



Euroclay 2007 – Best Oral Presentations
Mariana da Silva Rebelo (University of Aveiro, Portugal): Mineralogical and physic-chemical properties of some Portuguese Mesocenozoic clays used as healing clays.
Vanja Biševac (University of Zagreb, Croatia): New data on metamorphic event in the eastern part of Mt. Papuk, Slavonia, Croatia.

Euroclay 2007 – Best Poster Presentations
Mathieu Gautier (University of Orleans, France): Interaction between ammonium smectite and some simple organic molecules: pollution prediction in waste landfill.
Ewa Káfunková (Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic): Photofunctional materials base on intercalated layered double hydroxides.

14th International Clay Conference – Best Oral Presentations
Holger Seher (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany): Bentonite colloid stability in granite groundwaters: experiments and modelling.
Rosa Marques (Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear/GeoBioTec, Sacavém, Portugal): A contribution for the geochemical atlas of Santiago Island, Cape Verde – total contents of REE and other trace elements in the topsoil layer.
Bethany L. Ehlmann (Brown University, U.S.A.): Evidence for low-grade metamorphism/diagenesis on Mars from phyllosilicate mineral assemblages.

14th International Clay Conference – Best Poster Presentations
Lenka Herzogová (Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic): Removal of As and Se oxyanions using modified clays: Al3+, Al3+/Fe3+, Mn2+ modification.
Adebukola Adegoroye (University of Alberta, Canada): A comprehensive analysis of organic matter removal from clay – sized minerals extracted from oil sands using low temperature ashing and hydrogen peroxide

Euroclay 2011 – Best Oral Presentations
Yohei Ishida (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan): Visible light-harvesting ability of cationic dyes assembly on an anionic clay surface: the effect of adsorption conditions.
Laure Delavernhe (Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel, France): Relationship between macroscopic water affinity of kaolinites and their surface properties.

Euroclay 2011 – Best Poster Presentations
Natalia Matskova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia): Characteristic of palygorskite clays from Dahkovskoe industrial deposit (Moscow region, Russia).Mazen Ziadeh (University of Bayreuth, Germany): A facile approach for producing high aspect ratio fluorhectorite nanoplatelets by utilizing a stirred media mill.

15th International Clay Conference – Best Oral Presentations
Robert  Koch  (University of Trento, Italy): A unified  model  to  refine  nanocrystalline, layered and faulted material structure and microstructure from powder diffraction data.
Eliana  Satiko  Mano  (Runner-up) (Polytechnic School of Sao Paulo  University,  Brazil): Detailed studies of Fe-Ni smectites from lateritic Ni-ore from Niquelandia – GO – Brazil.
Sirle Liivamagi (Runner-up) (University of Tartu, Estonia): Neoproterozoic  lateritic  paleosol  from  Baltic  Basin: weathering sequence and paleoclimatic interpretation.

15th International Clay Conference – Best Poster Presentations
Syafina Binti Mohol Ghazi (Hokkaido University, Japan): Uptake  of  radioactive  cesium emitted from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear  power  plant  by  diatomaceous earth – with special reference to chemical form of cesium.
Gabriella  Fazio (Runner-up) (University of Brasilia, Brazil): Phase quantification of clay minerals and carbonates from Sete Lagoas Formation by the Rietveld’s method.
Aleksandra  Deregowska (Runner-up)  (University of Natural Resources  and  Life Sciences, Austria):The contribution of  clay minerals in the landslides occurrence within Austrian and Polish Flysch Formation.

Euroclay 2015 – Best Oral Presentations
(jointly with ECGA and CMS) 
Bhabananda  Biswas (University of South Australia, Australia): Competitive  adsorption  of  mixed  contaminants  on metal-immobilising  organoclay  (MIOC):Implication in the biodegradation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
Mathias H. Köster (Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany): Boron content and boron isotope composition of Na, Ca and Mg bentonites.
Sayako  Inoue (University of Tokyo, Japan): A combined study by HRTEM and HAADF-STEM for Fe-rich berthierine and chlorite interstratified minerals.

Euroclay 2015 – Best Poster Presentations
(jointly with ECGA and CMS)

Cristina Fernández-Barranco (University of Jaen, Spain): Study  of  spatial  distribution  of  sepiolite  in  polyamide 66/sepiolite nanocomposites.
Katherine  Rothwell (Newcastle University, United Kingdom): Assessing  the  redox  reactivity  of  Fe(II)-reduced  clay minerals.
Darja  Komar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Physical,  chemical and thermal characteristics of Makirina bay peloids (N.Dalmatia, Republic of Croatia).

16th International Clay Conference – Best Oral Presentations
Yasine Sakhawoth (Sorbonne University, France): Flocculation of anisotropic particles induced by model polyelectrolytes.
Ariane Suzzoni (Runner-up) (Pierre and Marie Curie University, France): Evolution of clay minerals structure during their interactions with organic molecules.
Ma?gorzata Lempart (Runner-up) (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland): Dehydroxylation vs. dehydrogenation in thermal decomposition of Fe-chlorite

16th International Clay Conference – Best Poster Presentations
Héloïse Verron (Runner-up) (University of Lorraine, France): Oxydation of a Callovo-Oxfordian claystone (Bure, France) under oxidative controlled atmosphere.
Satomi Enju (Runner-up) (Kyushu University, Japan): TEM observation of ortho-type polygonal serpentine and orthochrysotile.
Jingyao Xu (Runner-up) (University of Barcelona, Spain): Mica-vermiculite intergrowth expansion through natural processes in pyroclastic carbonatites from Catanda (Angola).

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