To support students to travel to the 17th International Clay Conference (July 2021, Istanbul, Turkey), AIPEA will assign financial contributions. The rules are the following:

1. The student submits an abstract and his/her curriculum vitae
2. This submission is supported in writing by his/her supervisor
3. Both the student and the supervisor are members of AIPEA
4. The student is under 35 years of age.
5. The financial support can only be used to attend an International Clay Conference and its associated excursions, field trips and workshops.
6. Student can only apply for one International Conference
7. The amount of money can be up to $ 500 – per student.

All correspondence must be addressed by email to Dr. Reiner Dohrmann, President AIPEA (president[at]

The selection committee will consist of three members selected by the President.
The deadlines are as follows:
– submission of abstract + CV + letter of support: February 28, 2022
– notice of decisions: March 31, 2022.



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